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Schonwald has covered a wide-range subjects – from food, sports, and travel to medicine, politics, and economics research. Below are some samples of his work over the past decade, including two stories related to his current research.
A Fish Farmer's Tale
Miami New Times
This story – focusing on a University of Miami aquaculture researcher – is what triggered Schonwald's initial interest in the exploring the world of food innovation.
Future Filet
University of Chicago Magazine
A recent outgrowth of Schonwald's research is this June 2009 profile of Jason Matheny, one of the country's leading proponents of in vitro meat.

Running with the Pack
Chicago Reader
A feature in Chicago's alternative weekly about the city's expert in controlling dog packs.
It's Not the Kit Kat Club, But It's A Living
The New York Times
A profile of John Doyle, an American expat earning his living on Germany's comedy club circuit.
Philosophy for
Limited Beings

The University of Chicago Chronicle
A conversation with philosopher William Wimsatt about his book that explores the messiness of science.
Dedication to the Arts Blooms Anew
The New York Times
A feature about a New Jersey nursing home that serves retired actors.
Grandmasters in Guayaberas
Miami New Times
A profile of a community college's Cinderella quest to win the National Championship in chess.
The Full Montevideo
The Washington Post
A Travel profile of Montevideo, Uruguay's quirky – and relatively untouristed – capital.
Paddles of Fire
Chicago Reader
A profile of a Chicago entrepreneur and Serbian sports legend who are trying to bring table tennis out of the basement.
Ice Age Trail Cometh
The Washington Post
A short travel piece about one of the most topographically unique slices of Wisconsin.
The Rise of Hitler Humor
A profile of the Turkish-German immigrant who challenged Germany's Hitler taboo.
Lord of the Flies
Miami New Times
A feature about a Miami angler's quest to break the world record - for world records.
Laughs and Learning with Jules Feiffer
The New York Times
A short feature about the legendary comic strip artist's first foray into the classroom.
On a Rolle
Miami New Times
A look at the life of an aspiring tennis star that explores the daunting economics of the game.
Author Invterviews
Jonathan Harr
David Hajdu
Ron Rosenbaum
The University of Chicago Chronicle
A series of one-on-one interviews with nonfiction authors about craft.
Josh and the Volcano
The Washington Post
A first-person Travel piece about a search for evidence of one of the world's great anomalies --freshwater sharks -- in Nicaragua.
Show Me Yours
A piece about a visit to a unique Icelandic museum, and a surprise encounter with a museum director's sensitive issue.
Metal Magic
Miami New Times
A profile of Michael Trixx, a heavy metal musician turned magician, and a glimpse at the world of South Florida magicians.
Star Wars
Chicago Reader
A short piece about three Wisconsin towns battling for the title "UFO capital of the world."
Co-Op's Inventory Continues to Lure
The University of Chicago Chronicle
A profile of the legendary academic bookstore on its 40th birthday.

...To Be Continued...